Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Wesley J. Smith points out a New York Times column which condemns health care rationing “fear mongers” while advocating for health care rationing. Pathetic, but hilarious.

  • Barbara at Mommy Life discusses her boycott efforts after receiving the latest list of Planned Parenthood corporate supporters from Life Decisions Int’l. Some companies responded to the list, stating they do not support PP directly – but they support charities like Komen’s Race for the Cure, which funds PP.
  • Bryan Kemper discusses a “pro-choice” reminiscent article on a Christian website from someone who claims to be opposed to abortion but resists being called “pro-life.” Bryan responds, “It seems to me that you say you’re against abortion but you would rather not have to act on it so you just make false, outrageous claims against the pro-life movement.”
  • Andy at Star Studded Superstep contrasts the outrage toward aborting calves in New Zealand with the apathy toward aborting 18k humans annually.
  • ProWomanProLife asks, “when does motherhood begin?”
  • Pro-Life Action League reports on the ACLU’s mixed messages regarding abortion, free speech, and parental notification.
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