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  • Operation Rescue reports troubled physician Ghevont Wartanian has taken over performing abortions at Romeo Ferrer’s abortion clinic in MD after Ferrer’s license was suspended 4 years after the death of Denise Crowe. Apparently, Wartanian has at this time only agreed to perform abortions up to September 30.OR also mentions that Ferrer’s Gynecare Center abortion clinic is affiliated with the National Abortion Federation. That makes this piece by NAF president Vicki Saporta at RH Reality Check touting NAF clinics less than a week after Ferrer’s suspension all the more ridiculous.

  • The Philadelphia Inquirer continues to report on abortionist Stephen Brigham and his late-term abortion operation. Their latest article provides details about Brigham’s phantom Grace Medical Care clinic which advertised online they would perform abortions up to 36 weeks. No address was listed and only cash would be accepted. No address was listed because it wasn’t an actual clinic – just the side operation where he would initiate abortions at the Voorhees, NJ clinic and then finish them or have another abortionist finish them in MD. The article also provides some of the reasons behind these late term abortions:

    Records released Monday of 3 post-viability abortions show 1 involved a 33-week-old Down’s syndrome fetus, for which Grace Medical charged $21,900. But another case involved 25-week-old twin fetuses that the parents wanted to abort because they felt “stress” and regret that they had conceived through fertility treatment with donated sperm. In a third case, no health problems were documented – until the 20-year-old Pittsburgh woman could not go to the bathroom because of the absorbent rods.

    She wound up being rushed from her hotel, in labor, to Virtua Hospital in Voorhees where she delivered a dead fetus.

  • At the Abortioneers’ blog, 1 abortioneer mourns the loss and changes of feminist-based abortion clinics. She basically blames Planned Parenthood:But there’s another reason things have changed for feminist clinics. Another reason they’re busy and finding it hard to do feminist things: competition. Okay. Come on. Admit it. Clinics have competitors…. Running a business doesn’t make you less altruistic. And, honestly, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that small women-owned and operated, independent businesses, find it hard to stand tall against corporate-like competitors.

    … We already know nearly all counties in the USA don’t have abortion providers. That is wrong and it sucks. But there’s another side to all of this. Clinics are closing down. Not because of obnoxious, annoying protesters and harassing laws. Not because the department of health is making things difficult (well, except in this instance!). You’re all clever. So I’ll just ask you this: were any of the clinics that closed down recently Planned Parenthoods? Not that I know of. (I could be wrong.) They were all little clinics.

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