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  • A LA judge stayed an abortion clinic’s license suspension order. Hope Medical Group for Women is now allowed to stay open until a hearing on September 21.
  • As previously reported, abortionist Rapin Osathanondh will serve 6 months in jail (he was sentenced to 30 mos. but the rest was suspended) after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the death of Laura Hope Smith. Osathanondh will also pay the family $2M as a result of their civil suit against him.I think Brian Ballou’s article in the Boston Globe does a good job of trying to show the Smiths’ love for their daughter and their loss:

    She arrived at the Smith household almost 18 years ago, a small raven-haired girl with tattered and dirty clothing, a black eye, and all her possessions in a plastic grocery bag, except for the doll she held in her hand. Tom and Eileen Smith wrapped the neglected, abused, and abandoned girl with their love, only to lose her later to a botched medical procedure.

  • Assisted suicide advocate and Unitarian minister George Exoo (pictured left), who claims to have assisted in more than 100 suicides, is planning on opening up a Dignitas-style death house in NC where individuals from neighboring states looking to kill themselves can come to die. NC doesn’t have a law against assisted suicide:

    Exoo’s attempt to renovate the house from afar hasn’t met with success….

    Men hired to work on the home lived in it and appeared to sell drugs…. People have come and gone through the back door and even used buckets as toilets only to throw the waste in the yard….

  • Kent County, MI commissioners have voted to remove abortion from the county’s employee benefit package:

    Opponents bombarded commissioners with e-mails and letters voicing objection to the decision, saying it threatens a woman’s right to have a safe and legal abortion.

    Part of one letter read “access to a safe, legal, high quality abortion is very important to me.”

    In response, [2nd district commissioner Tom] Antor said “well safe, high quality abortion is an oxymoron. There is nothing safe about two individuals entering an abortion clinic and only one of them coming out. There is nothing safe for the baby in the process of an abortion.

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