Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Fr. Frank Pavone compares 9/11 to abortion:

    The evil of September 11th was that some human beings had a blatant contempt for the right of other human beings to live….

    The same contempt for human life is found in every abortion clinic. What moral difference does it make if a victim is five feet tall or five inches tall, or if the instrument of death is an airplane or surgical forceps?

  • ProWomanProLife hosts a beautiful clip of preborn babies with a message of, “Life is beautiful. Don’t let AIDS kill it before it starts.”

  • Albert Mohler discusses a recent USA Today column decrying the “new atheists'” effects on public perceptions of science. Column author Chris Mooney suggests their language should become “more spiritual” to make their views more palatable:Spirituality is completely compatible with atheism, he asserts. It requires no belief in God or the supernatural in any form.As a matter of fact, spirituality requires no beliefs at all. Mooney quotes the French sociologist Emile Durkheim: “By sacred things one must not understand simply those personal beings which are called Gods or spirits; a rock, a tree, a spring, a pebble, a piece of wood, a house, in a word, anything can be sacred.”This appears to be true, as many people deem abortion “sacred.”
  • Pro-Life Wisconsin displays a help wanted ad for Planned Parenthood field canvassers, paying $10-12/hr to discuss women’s rights & health (abortion on demand) door-to-door. PLW has designed a sign to post to let these canvassers know you support life.
  • Vital Signs marks the 20th anniversary of Eternal Perspective Ministries, bestselling author Randy Alcorn’s nonprofit ministry, and tells how God used an evil situation in Alcorn’s life for good, as He has done in the lives of many pro-life warriors.
  • Life Training Institute demonstrates how pro-lifers should respond to the statement, “I’m against abortion, but what’s wrong with using leftover embryos for research? They’re going to die anyway, so why not use them to cure disease?”
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