Yesterday Students for Life reported in a Facebook alert:

Last night a disturbing “trending topic” emerged on Twitter. Most will probably know that Twitter is a service in which people give their thoughts, opinions or make statements in 140 characters or less. You can follow other people’s “tweets” or even follow a “trending topic.” Trending topics are often current events around the world, things that millions of people seem to be interested in.

[Last night’s trending] topic was #abortionclinicplaylistsongs, or Abortion Clinic Play List Songs, in other words, songs you would listen to while you wait in the lobby of an abortion facility waiting to have your child killed.

Bryan Kemper noted some of the songs:

Oops I Did it Again – Britney Spears
Heartless – Kanye West
There Goes My Baby – Usher
I Want My Baby Back Ribs – The Chili’s Restaurant Song
Another One Bites The Dust – Queen
My Curse – Kill Switch Engage
Cuts Like A Knife – Bryan Adams
Bye, Bye, Bye – NSync
Kill You – Eminem
Murder Was The Case – Snoop Dogg

Of course this is just another sick attempt to trivialize abortion while at the same time mocking those who cherish the sanctity of innocent preborn human life. And it will backfire, just like the aborted fetus cookies.

SFL recommended accessing #abortionclinicplaylistsongs through our Twitter accounts and expressing outrage and sadness. She also recommended posting songs of regrets, such as “Tears fall” by BarlowGirl.

What song(s) would you add to an abortion clinic play list?

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