On October 4 and 12 OH Democrat Rep. Steve Driehaus filed 2 complaints with the OH Election Commission to block the Susan B. Anthony List from erecting the above billboard (click to enlarge) 4 places in his district. (Read my previous posts on this topic here, here, and here.)

Democrats for Life president Kristen Day (pictured right) filed an affidavit with each of Driehaus’s complaints corroborating his contention that Obamacare does not allow taxpayer funded abortions.

But earlier this year Day was working overtly and covertly to persuade Driehaus and pro-life Democrat House members to oppose Obamacare without the Stupak Amendment, which would have ensured no taxpayer funds went for abortions.

And this is the very bill those same Democrats ended up signing – without that amendment.

While attempting to persuade Democrats to their faces, Day was secretly working with SBA List’s executive director Emily Buchanan to pressure those Dems with ads. Here is Day and Buchanan’s email exchange. Click all to enlarge…

Day’s emails demonstrate she knew Obamacare without the Stupak amendment allowed taxpayer funding of abortion. (They also demonstrate she didn’t have a good read on her members, since all eventually bailed, including Driehaus.)

But in Day’s sworn affidavits (read here and here) she denies that which she opposed in Obamacare only 7 months ago. For instance, in Affidavit #2 (click to enlarge):

PPACA is short for Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – Obamacare. Note Day isn’t even hiding behind Obama’s subsequent executive order. She maintains it a “false claim” that Obamacare itself allows taxpayer funded abortions.

In Affidavit #1 Day expounds to say the very bill she previously opposed because she knew it contained abortion loopholes did not (click to enlarge):

I’ve said many times here Kristen is my friend. It pains me to write this post.

But Kristen has crossed the line in supporting her Democrat friends. She is double-crossing the very pro-life group whose help she sought only months ago to stop the very man who is now trying to censor that group, see it fined, and have its president thrown in jail.

And it seems to me that in her zeal Kristen has now brought legal trouble upon herself, swearing in an affidavit to something she previously stated in writing wasn’t true.

Kristen, you need to step back and take a deep breath. You’re now burning bridges with a vengeance. You’ll never be able to work with pro-life groups again. Your credibility is shot – for good.

And for what? Defending a pro-abortion law and the turncoats who voted for it?

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