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  • Joe Carter on the latest advance in eugenics and embryocide – filming embryos in vitro to discover which ones have the greatest chance of developing.So creating more children than you can carry in your womb creates the need for fetal reduction? Create and kill, for we can’t have another Octomom.

    We live in an age where our talent for creative barbarism is outmatched only by our genius for euphemism.

  • A draft resolution from the Council of Europe would attack the conscience rights of doctors who refuse to perform abortions:

    A draft resolution would end the opt out and compel medical staff to carry out the procedure itself against their wishes if patients have nowhere else to go for the treatment.

    It also calls for a register of doctors who object to abortion on conscientious grounds and a complaints mechanism for women who feel aggrieved by a refusal of a doctor to either grant an abortion or to perform the procedure directly.

    The resolution will be put to a vote of assembly members on Thursday and while it would not be legally binding on Britain, if it is formally adopted it would put pressure on member-states to ban conscientious objection as a protection for doctors.

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