Rep. Steve Driehaus was one of Bart Stupak’s bloc* of 11 pro-life Democrats who caved to pressure from above and voted for Obamacare, hiding behind Obama’s worthless executive order to do so.

I wrote a week ago these Democrats now have nowhere to turn for help, with pro-life groups out to get them and Democrats not particularly liking them.

Well, it’s truer than I thought. Yesterday Driehaus posted a video on YouTube accusing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee of pulling funding it planned to spend on him.

Specifically, according to Politics Daily, the DCCC yanked a whopping $524,000 it promised to spend on tv advertising for Driehaus.

Incredibly, in his video Driehaus says part of the reason the DCCC is mad at him is over “tough votes on healthcare. How deceptive. As everyone knows, Driehaus voted with his party on healthcare and, in fact, is one of those largely responsible for the mess we’re in today thanks to that bill’s passage.

Yet another lesson for pro-life congressional Democrats. Your leadership mercilessly pressured you to violate your principles for your healthcare vote. And now it is abandoning you.

I have no clue why good pro-life Democrats like Dan Lipinski and Heath Shuler, who both voted against Obamacare and who will both likely survive the November 2 massacre, would want to remain in such a party.

Go, Steve Chabot (Driehaus’ opponent and 2001 sponsor of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act)!

* The Stupak Bloc: Bart Stupak, Marion Berry, Jerry Costello, Kathy Dahlkemper, Joe Donnelly,  Steve Driehaus, Brad Ellsworth, Marcy Kaptur, Dale Kildee, James Oberstar, Charlie Wilson

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