2010 Election: Major pro-life political shift

UPDATE, 11:05a: Let’s put our victory another way.  Planned Parenthood’s endorsed winning House candidates indicate it believes there are only 151* strong abortion proponents out of 435 representatives, or 34.7%.

*That number excludes 5 House races that are still uncalled.

10:12a: Here are the rough stats…

According to a scorecard National Right to Life is keeping of the most competitive congressional races, there were 84 pro-life wins last night, 25 losses, and 13 are still unknown.

At last count, 61 60 pro-life congressional and gubernatorial candidates Susan B. Anthony List supported won, and only19 20 lost.

Americans United for Life reports pro-lifers won 11 of the 12 races it supported.

On the other side, the pro-abortion group EMILY’s List won 12 and lost 17, with the fate of 2 of its candidates still unknown. EL only supports Democrat women, who were clear losers last night.

Planned Parenthood Action played it safe, focusing its 226 House and Senate all Democrat endorsements on pro-abort strongholds, particularly CA and NY. 157 159 of its candidates won and 59 60 lost, with 10 7 races still uncalled.

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  1. I’m just glad to see the real loonies like Carl Palodino, Ken Buck, Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, and Joe Miller all lose.

  2. Why did PP Action not support Mark Kirk of Illinois? Is it because he has an ‘R’ next to his name?

  3. For what it’s worth, I find Mark Kirk to be a fairly palatable candidate by Republican standards, particularly considering the sleazy nature of the guy he was running against.

  4. Alexi Giannoulias has no pro-abortion record. But one little vote for Stupak-Pitts (abortion public funding) and PP Action says “No” to Kirk who has/had a 100% from NARAL.

  5. Cranky Catholic (May I call you Crankinator?),
    I suppose PP Action could have easily endorsed BOTH candidates. Alexi is Obama’s buddy, you know.

  6. Hi Liz. That’s interesting. Some day when I have nothing better to do, I should research how many repubs they’ve endorsed. When I was proabort, I don’t remember them ever endorsing one.

  7. Thought you’d like to know that pro abortionists on NARAL have declared war to defend their rights now that there are so many pro lifers elected.  Also interesting, I copied a thread of messages and one admits that “Most women who do have an abortion are those who already have children and cannot afford to have another child.”  Another person stating “If birth control worked all of the time without fail, at least two of my children wouldn’t even exist!” 

    Isn’t this what we have been saying all along?

    I love this one: “Just another stupid, empty argument fostered by people who don’t know the facts.” 
    I guess she didn’t see the debate at Ft. Lewis in Colorado!   

    And then there’s this one:  “last time I checked, fetuses aren’t babies.” 
    Checked with who?  Planned Parenthood?? 

    Anyway, here’s some of the thread, with last names removed.  I figured I should do that.  They are very angry!  I love it!

    Rebecca   So I was basically just told by someone that women that have abortions are women that sleep around and dont use protection being careless. “WE” type of women use abortion as birth control. This “someone” says we should all own up to our actions and take care of these babies. Well, last time I looked having a… abortion so I wouldnt raise my child in a box on the streets was the responsible thing to do! As for “using abortion” as a form of B.C. Your catagorizing us and B.C. does fail yea dumb bitch!

    Lindsey   More misogynistic tropes – this idea that women are stupid and careless and childish and ultimately need some kind of Daddy figure, whether government or religion, to step in and smack us around and tell us off when we’re doing wrong.

    I can…’t even argue with those people at this point

      last time I checked, fetuses aren’t babies.

    ‎1) Most women who do have an abortion are those who already have children and cannot afford to have another child.

    2) I love how this person says to “own up to the responsibility.” Women get pushed into having these children, because it’s o…ur “moral obligation.” Then, we receive no form of state child care. And mothers make less than women without children. And both make less than men.

    3) And what’s wrong with “sleeping around?” Last time I checked, sex was not illegal. And how is it automatically the woman’s fault if she gets pregnant? Men are responsible too! They don’t want to take the responsibility of being the father… but just wait and see what happens if a woman does anything without his consent.

    Some people spout random crap from their mouths without ever thinking about anything

      Just another stupid, empty argument fostered by people who don’t know the facts.

    Ami   If birth control worked all of the time without fail, at least two of my children wouldn’t even exist! People are getting too narrow minded.

      You are so right Lisa,have you ever noticed how many people say that same line? Thats all they have,they arent smart enough to come up with something original.Last time I helped the girls get into the abortion clinic without getting harassed,one said to me,that I was a red letter whore,(whatever that means) and was going to go to hell,and she actually asked for my hand and wanted me to pray with her!! I cannot write here what my response to her was!!!!

  8. Thank goodness we have a new generation of leaders who will do nothing when it comes to abortion!  At least this time they’ve gone into office, already stating that they aren’t going to do anything about it…sort of an early strike to lower expectations.

  9. And yet the repubs have not done anything substantial to end the slaughter. They talk a good game but just can’t seem to get the ball across the goal line even when they controlled both houses and the presidency. They only talk pro-life to get our vote. We need to continue to hound them until they lost their fear of PP and NARAL

  10. For the first time last night I saw an ad on TV for Planned Parenthood. (I can’t remember what channel).

    They had this whole thing (showing men, women and children) about how caring they were and about how they offer cervical cancer screenings, yadda, yadda, yadda. At first I hoped it was a clinic that actually would be known for such things (like maybe a Woman’s Center I know about), but deep down I feared it was PP. Sure enough, at the end, the PP name and graphic came up on my screen. It’s amazing I didn’t upchuck my dinner!

    And it does surprise me they don’t back a canadiate begging for their support. You’d think they’d jump at the chance to have someone who could speak on their behalf to the republican party.

  11. Alan — Governor Christie cut funding for Planned Parenthood in New Jersey, so there are Republican candidates that do something.

    And I don’t think that prolifers have the vote to override a presidential veto, do they?

  12. Just looked at the pledge for America again.  No mention of any “life” issues.
    Maybe they just don’t care.

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