UPDATE, 11:05a: Let’s put our victory another way.  Planned Parenthood’s endorsed winning House candidates indicate it believes there are only 151* strong abortion proponents out of 435 representatives, or 34.7%.

*That number excludes 5 House races that are still uncalled.

10:12a: Here are the rough stats…

According to a scorecard National Right to Life is keeping of the most competitive congressional races, there were 84 pro-life wins last night, 25 losses, and 13 are still unknown.

At last count, 61 60 pro-life congressional and gubernatorial candidates Susan B. Anthony List supported won, and only19 20 lost.

Americans United for Life reports pro-lifers won 11 of the 12 races it supported.

On the other side, the pro-abortion group EMILY’s List won 12 and lost 17, with the fate of 2 of its candidates still unknown. EL only supports Democrat women, who were clear losers last night.

Planned Parenthood Action played it safe, focusing its 226 House and Senate all Democrat endorsements on pro-abort strongholds, particularly CA and NY. 157 159 of its candidates won and 59 60 lost, with 10 7 races still uncalled.

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