web grab.jpgby JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

    The effectiveness of embryonic stem cells over adult stem cells is a scientific fact that everyone except the most extreme of the anti-choice movement has recognized. Yes, embryonic stem cells, which have yet to successfully treat a single human being of a single disease and have only been recently approved for two early stage clinical trials are more effective than adult stem cells, which have been successfully treating people with a myriad of diseases for years. That’s just delusional. Marty’s not claiming embryonic stem cells have “more promise” or “greater potential.” She thinks they’re more effective now.

    Where does RH Reality Check find these people?

  • I always find it so curious when pro-choicers think photos of aborted children are fake. For example, Brit Schulte writes about a Justice For All display at North TX University in the Socialist Worker:On the other side, the anti-choice demonstrators held their fabricated images of supposedly aborted fetuses. What does Schulte imagine aborted children look like?

    Steve Wagner has posted a video of JFA’s display at North TX:

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