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  • Apparently, Cher’s mom almost aborted her: My mother told me once about how she got pregnant with me and didn’t want to be with my dad; she was just so young and inexperienced. My grandmother said, ‘You have a bright future.’ She actually suggested an abortion, so my mom was in the doctor’s office—a back-alley doctor—getting on the table. And then at the last minute she said, ‘I can’t do this. I don’t care what happens—I can’t do this.’

  • An Abortioneer discusses how she freely calls unborn children “babies” if they’re wanted:I work at an abortion clinic and I have a pregnant friend and a pregnant acquaintance. For what it’s worth, 1 pregnancy was planned, 1 wasn’t, and both are welcome. I can’t wait to meet their babies, and I tell them that. I even call an 9-week fetus a baby in the case of the shopkeeper I chat with….

    Several co-workers of mine have been pregnant and bring their kids to work to see all of their aunties. I once told a toddler, “I remember seeing you on your mama’s ultrasound around 19 weeks!”

    So odd considering that she would have freely assisted in killing that exact same child at 19 weeks if the mother wanted.

  • A Christianity Today blog has a post about a HBO documentary entitled “Google Baby” about fertility tourism in India where wealthy families from other countries pay Indian women thousands of dollars to carry their children.
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