web grab.jpgby JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

    4 [Asian] women and a man were charged with throwing a new-born baby into a trash container in Khor Fakkan.

    Earlier, the 5 accused persons had allegedly assisted an Asian girl to get her pregnancy aborted, which had resulted in the girl’s death.

    The security authorities, sources say are exerting great efforts to find the aborted foetus….

    [P]olice… received a tip-off from a lady reporting the finding of a dead body of a girl in one of the buildings in the city of Khor Fakkan….

    Investigations revealed that the deceased had undergone an abortion and that 4 compatriot women and a man were involved. They were duly arrested and upon being interrogated, they confessed that they helped the deceased to abort and get rid of her baby.

  • German doctors are claiming they have cured a American man with HIV and leukemia 3 years after performing an adult stem cell transplant:

    In 2007, a 44-year-old American named Timothy Ray Brown, who had both HIV and leukemia, was set to undergo stem cell therapy in Berlin to fight his leukemia. But Dr. Gero Huetter (pictured left) and colleagues at Charite-University Medicine Berlin decided to perform a stem cell transplant that also might help against his HIV.

    They used stem cells from a donor who had an inherited gene mutation that left his body without the gene receptors involved in contracting HIV, making him naturally resistant to the virus….

    The treatment in Brown’s case couldn’t be used for the general population… because he first had to undergo intense chemotherapy and full-body radiation to fight his leukemia. The treatments nearly destroyed his immune system but also left his body receptive to the new, HIV-resistant stem cells.

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