Politics Daily tells of Donald Trump’s announcement at CPAC yesterday that he has converted to being pro-life. The article quoted pro-lifers thinking this was “good news, I suppose,” “cautious,” and “intrigued.”

I tweeted, “I would love to believe Donald Trump has converted,” getting back one response, “eye roll.”

Welcoming converts is one area where I believe pro-lifers could do better.

When a pro-lifer such as Dick Durbin or Jesse Jackson converts to pro-abortion, the dark side welcomes them. How much better should pro-lifers respond when a pro-abort sees the light?

I recognize there are charlatans, but that is no reason not to do our best to encourage converts on their path. Instead, some of us are more than skeptics, we’re naysayers.

I recognize there are also those converting for political expediency, but so what? Why not encourage and strengthen them on their decision? And if they vote the way we want them to, is their motivation critical?

I have a good example of what I’m talking about.

I was invited to speak at New Jersey’s Rally for Life in 2009. It was primary season, and both Republican candidates for governor were in the room.

I was immediately approached by supporters of the candidate who had pro-life credentials up the ying yang. They whispered the other candidate was not authentic and had converted merely for votes. They brought out disparaging signs and literature against him. There were even a few boos when he was introduced.

Over the course of the evening I began to feel sorry for the other guy, who was all but shunned, and made it a point to go to his table, introduce myself, and sit down and offer him encouragement for his conversion. He lightened up and was so happy to speak with me, describing how he had changed his view when becoming a father in the 1990s. We chatted for about 10 minutes.

You’ve likely figured out by now that guy was Chris Christie, and we all know what a pro-life stalwart he would show himself to be.

So let’s give The Donald a break. Yes, he could indeed betray us at some point. That happens. But it shouldn’t be because we didn’t welcome him into our club.

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