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  • Congresswoman Jackie Speier has a piece in the Huffington Post which seems to indicate that she didn’t have an abortion but rather a D&E to remove a miscarried child:

    You admit guilt, but for me there was no guilt, only the pain of a pregnancy that did not work. The fetus had slipped from my uterus into my vagina and could not survive. To stave off a life-threatening infection and to keep the possibility of a future birth alive, I had what’s called dilation and evacuation or “d & e.” But for people, particularly my colleagues who don’t want Planned Parenthood to be funded, I simply had an abortion.

  • The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the AP all have articles on the death of NARAL founder turned pro-life advocate Bernard Nathanson.
  • In India, 2 individuals have been arrested after a woman died during an abortion, which may have been sex-selective:Two persons, a head nurse of the district hospital here and the husband of a 4-month[s] pregnant woman were arrested after the woman died during abortion here, police sources said today. Deputy Superintendent of Police Girish Pandey said Sabatina Toppo, the head nurse of the district hospital, was conducting the abortion on 32-year-old Seema Devi in an illegal private clinic when she died in process last evening. Seema Devi’s husband Lalan Prajapati, who brought her to the clinic and Toppa were arrested by the police after Devi’s grandfather lodged an FIR in the town police station today. The 2 were arrested on the charge of conducting operation in an clinic being run illegally, causing death in the process as well as destroying female foetus, the DSP said.
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