UPDATE 3/1, 3:40a: Here is LifeSiteNews.com’s recap of the trial yesterday, including my input.

2/28, 2p: I flew to Kansas last night to begin covering Phill Kline’s ethics trial as it enters Week 2.

The courtroom is tiny, and the rules are so 1990s. Computers aren’t allowed, nor are iphones to check emails, nor texting. I think I may just die. Am taking a break now while the proceedings continue just to catch you up.

I know it’s hard to keep track with all this, so I’m just going to provide interesting bullet points when I can….

  • Sometime in late 2008/early 2009 a “double agent” in the AG’s office, so to speak, downloaded a cd and spreadsheets of information about women who had aborted in Kansas and left them on the trial desk of George Tiller’s attorney, Dan Monat. Monat went on keep those records for a year, certainly violating HIPAA laws, if not more.Monat finally handed them over to the Disciplinary Administrator’s office  in 2010, at least a year later. The Disciplinary Administrator is the same office now trying Kline for ethics violations.One of its officers was asked this morning if their office has ever investigated who exactly gave the cd and spreadsheet to Monat. The answer was NO.Kline’s attorney: “An ongoing investigation was compromised by a cd getting into the hands of the party being investigated, and no one ever asked how they got into their possession?” NO. They are obsessed with Kline, only Kline.
  • KS law allows abortionists to devise their own coding when submitting information on abortions they commit to the KS Dept. of Health & Environment.It was revealed for the first time in court this morning that Tiller used the initials of the mothers aborting and the dates of their abortions as the code he submitted to KDHE. All the talk of privacy, and Tiller truly couldn’t have cared less. That information is not public, but the KDHE still has it all.
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