I have been in court to observe Phill Kline’s ethics trial the last 2 days. (That’s me interviewing Kline, right.)

That this trial is a sham was made even clearer yesterday when the 3-judge panel ruled Kline will only get 1/2 day to present his defense, today. They said they wanted to leave Topeka by mid-afternoon.

Meanwhile, the prosecution commanded the stage for the entire previous 7-1/2 days. In all, Kline has been on the stand 19 hours and 40 minutes under cross-examination.

I’ve been calling in reports to Peter Smith at LifeSiteNews.com, who filed 2 stories yesterday, “‘It is wrong!’: Phill Kline blocked from presenting full defense, calling all witnesses,” and “UPDATE: Kline tells ethics panel, ‘You are violating my due process rights!’”

KansasMeadowlark blogger Earl Glynn, who is also in the courtroom to observe Kline’s trial, and who has written several posts, interviewed Kline about the injustice:

More from another Kline supporter inside the courtroom:

The panel did approve a motion by Phill to present his own closing argument in the case in June or July of this summer.

In all, this represents at least the 16th time Phill has been under oath relating to his investigation of Planned Parenthood and George Tiller.  On the other hand, in all of Phill’s efforts to investigate the abortion clinics, he was never allowed to ever place any single clinic employee under oath – not once – due to constant interference by the Kansas Supreme Court.

Regardless, 3 judges reviewed Phill’s evidence obtained from the abortion clinics records and found probable cause to believe that PP and Tiller committed 137 criminal acts, including 23 felonies.  None of those charges have yet to reach open court – again, due to KS Supreme Court interference.

This week we learned that Phill’s evidence demonstrates that during a time when hundreds of abortions on underage children were performed, PP only reported one case of child rape and Tiller reported only one case of child rape.  This investigation, however, was blocked by the KS Supremes, who refused to allow Phill to access the names of the children who were abused which has prevented law enforcement from stopping further abuse.

We learned for the first time from unsealed documents and testimony that the Kathleen Sebelius hand-picked Attorney General Paul Morrison and later his successor Stephen Six, filed lawsuits and sought secret orders to prevent witnesses from testifying against PP and actually sued a Judge, long with Phill, in an effort to try to force that Judge to give up evidence of PP criminality to return the evidence back to the criminal defendant.

We learned the Sebelius Supreme Court Disciplinary Administrator received reports that Phill did nothing wrong and buried the report; learned that not one judge of the many who reviewed Phill’s actions had any complaints about Phill’s ethics and that all of these issues had been previously addressed in secret trials, hearings and reports.

What we have learned is that Sebelius used her appointed Supreme Court to protect her foremost political supporter from criminal charges that could cost that supporter the loss of $363 million a year.

In short, Kansas is being purchased by an industry that has bought Sebelius into office and as governor she  stacked  judicial appointments.

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