UPDATE 3/30, 6:15a: I received a note from pro-life’s Great One, Joe Scheidler. He tried to post a note on the Facebook page touting the protest planned against him, but it was promptly removed. Here’s what he told me he wrote:

Jill, I posted a nice, polite message to the pro-aborts who plan to picket the Banquet Saturday.  I told them that their little picket would make my day.  But I reminded them that there would be just over 400 of us, and wondered if they could match that.  And yes, I will go out and try to convert some of them them, for a little while, until I have to attend the big event.  I’m honored to know that they think so much of me that they’ll go to all that trouble and expense.

Lol, I so love Joe… :)

3/29, 6:06a: This is priceless. The other side has no idea how much their protest will make Joe’s night, the bow on his gift of tributes…

One protester gloated on the “Pro-Choice Counterprotest at the Joe Scheidler Tribute!” Facebook page:

On the contrary, Joe will be thrilled. So will the vast group of pro-lifers paying homage to this hero.

In fact, a little heads up to pro-abort organizers: Since most pro-lifers attending the Scheidler tribute will be experienced activists, protesters should anticipate that our side will likely want to mingle and dialogue on the topic of abortion, perhaps even with some graphic signs of abortion in tow.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were ultimately more pro-lifers than pro-aborts participating in the protest, perhaps even Joe. Hm, would that mean he picketed at his own tribute? Now that would be a hoot.

[HT: Pro-Life Wisconsin on Twitter]

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