The other side can’t dispute the statistics.

Nationwide, according to Guttmacher, “the abortion rate for black women is almost five times that for white women.”

While blacks account for 12.9% of the population, according to US Census Bureau 2009 figures, they get 36.9% of all abortions, according to Centers for Disease Control 2007 figures (Table 12).

It gets worse in spots. The New York Bureau of Vital Statistics reports that in 2009 6 of 10 black babies were aborted in the NYC area, while “only” 4 of 10 white babies were killed by abortion.

Like I said, the numbers are stark – and validated by government and pro-abort sources.

And so, since early 2010, beginning with the provocative “Black children are an endangered species” billboard campaign, signage variations on the “abortion is black genocide” theme have been popping up everywhere, the latest being in Chicago.

Add to that irrefutable documentation provided in Maafa 21 that the push for abortion only began after slavery ended – preborn eugenics.

This is all terrible PR for the abortion lobby. So, they have decided, if the evidence cannot be refuted, it must be quashed, Whac-A-Mole style, beginning in Texas. According to The Washington Independent, March 21:

Partnering with SisterSong, an Atlanta-based abortion rights advocacy group and a member group of the black women’s consortium Trust Black Women, NARAL has started a campaign to bring down the billboards. The most notorious billboard linked to Heroic [Media’s] strategy targeting African Americans was a short-lived advertisement in New York City saying, “The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb.”

The first step, said NARAL Pro-Choice TX Exec. Dir. Sara Cleveland, is to figure out “what we’re up against in Texas.” She said they’ve identified 4 billboards which have gone on a Google Map that will be updated as more anti-abortion rights billboards targeting the African-American community are identified….

Once billboards are identified, Cleveland said the next step is to contact the billboard companies who have created and erected the signs….

The group has also created a petition asking Heroic Media founder Brian Follett to end the racially motivated billboard campaign. About 200 people have thus far signed the petition.

SisterSong has already proven that it can successfully run a race-based anti-abortion rights billboard campaign into the ground. Last December, the group mobilized their efforts to quash a race-selective abortion bill that was introduced after 65 billboards were erected by anti-abortion rights groups claiming that “Black Children are an Endangered Species.”

The last paragraph is patently false. SisterSong got nowhere trying to censor the Atlanta billboard campaign. It ran its course.

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