Abortion lobby to play Whac-A-Mole with “abortion is black genocide” billboards

The other side can’t dispute the statistics.

Nationwide, according to Guttmacher, “the abortion rate for black women is almost five times that for white women.”

While blacks account for 12.9% of the population, according to US Census Bureau 2009 figures, they get 36.9% of all abortions, according to Centers for Disease Control 2007 figures (Table 12).

It gets worse in spots. The New York Bureau of Vital Statistics reports that in 2009 6 of 10 black babies were aborted in the NYC area, while “only” 4 of 10 white babies were killed by abortion.

Like I said, the numbers are stark – and validated by government and pro-abort sources.

And so, since early 2010, beginning with the provocative “Black children are an endangered species” billboard campaign, signage variations on the “abortion is black genocide” theme have been popping up everywhere, the latest being in Chicago.

Add to that irrefutable documentation provided in Maafa 21 that the push for abortion only began after slavery ended – preborn eugenics.

This is all terrible PR for the abortion lobby. So, they have decided, if the evidence cannot be refuted, it must be quashed, Whac-A-Mole style, beginning in Texas. According to The Washington Independent, March 21:

Partnering with SisterSong, an Atlanta-based abortion rights advocacy group and a member group of the black women’s consortium Trust Black Women, NARAL has started a campaign to bring down the billboards. The most notorious billboard linked to Heroic [Media’s] strategy targeting African Americans was a short-lived advertisement in New York City saying, “The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb.”

The first step, said NARAL Pro-Choice TX Exec. Dir. Sara Cleveland, is to figure out “what we’re up against in Texas.” She said they’ve identified 4 billboards which have gone on a Google Map that will be updated as more anti-abortion rights billboards targeting the African-American community are identified….

Once billboards are identified, Cleveland said the next step is to contact the billboard companies who have created and erected the signs….

The group has also created a petition asking Heroic Media founder Brian Follett to end the racially motivated billboard campaign. About 200 people have thus far signed the petition.

SisterSong has already proven that it can successfully run a race-based anti-abortion rights billboard campaign into the ground. Last December, the group mobilized their efforts to quash a race-selective abortion bill that was introduced after 65 billboards were erected by anti-abortion rights groups claiming that “Black Children are an Endangered Species.”

The last paragraph is patently false. SisterSong got nowhere trying to censor the Atlanta billboard campaign. It ran its course.

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  1. “Abortion should be safe, legal, and rare.”
    Does that sound good?

    How about, “Rape should be safe, legal, and rare?”

    Maybe “Kidnapping should be safe, legal, and rare?”

    Perhaps “Torture should be safe, legal, and rare?”

    How about “Islamofascist militant Jihadi terrorist bombings should be safe, legal, and rare?”

    Perhaps “Pedophilia should be safe, legal, and rare?”

    Maybe “Tossing people off bridges to be smashed on the rocks below should be safe, legal, and rare?”

    How about “Chopping up babies should be safe, legal, and rare?”

    If abortion is so wonderful, why should it be “rare?”

    If killing human beings via elective abortion should be legal, then why can’t all the other actions included in the list above also be “safe, legal, and rare?”

    Abortion should be “safe” for whom?

    Abortion should be safe for the woman who submits the commission of the heinous act of medical rape of the woman, and violent assault and butchering, burning, etc., of the baby, and for the abortionist-baby butcher and his or her perverted, sick, malevolent, violent, cruel staff, is what they are saying.

    If it should be safe for them, the woman on whom the medical rape and misogynist act of elective abortion is committed on, and safe for the butchers who engage in the act of medical rape of the woman and violent aggression against baby, then why shouldn’t it also be safe for rapists, kidnappers, torturers, pedophiles, robbers, thieves, Islamofascist militant Jihadis, murderers, and others who violate people’s liberties, security, freedom, liberty, life, and engage in violent, aggressive action against others, not feel safe, and be protected, when the commit their acts?

    Why should a rapist, murderer, or kidnapper be afraid for their own safety as they carry out their violent act, while abortionists are protected in slaughtering tiny, new human beings?

    It makes no sense.

    Nevertheless, that is what abortion proponents stand for, fight for, and work so hard to push, the “Freedom” to end the life of another human being, the new, tiny living human being butchered, burned, etc., by abortionists and their staff, as well as via other means, such as pharmaceuticals, etc. They try to whitewash the violent act of killing another human being by slicing, cutting, pulling, ripping, burning, and in other ways, violently abusing and killing these tiny, new people.

    The people who push such atrocities, such as those reported on in the article which Jill Stanek posted here, those who are trying to shut down dissenting voices, such as trying to shut down the pro-life billboards which point out the truth about the racist agenda of abortuaries and abortion supporters, are disgusting, and their actions are disgusting, and indefensible.

    There is no way to properly defend the slaughter of tiny, new human beings via elective abortion, and it is an afront to women that an entire industry exists to exploit them in such a violent manner.

    Question: A woman is raped by a rapist and beomce pregnant. Who will not, under the law, be put to death; the woman, the rapist, or the baby?

    In the case of a woman who has become pregnant after being raped, as a result of the rape, which of the following can be legally put to death; the woman, the rapist, or the baby?

    Where is the justice?


  2. Well said, William.
    The first step, said NARAL Pro-Choice TX Exec. Dir. Sara Cleveland, is to figure out “what we’re up against in Texas.”

    I’ll save you some time, Sara.  It’s Truth.  And guess what?  200 signatures on a petition, or 200,000 will not alter it.  When you are on the side of death, you’re siding with the Loser (he’s deceived you!).  I’ve read the end of the story, and Love Wins.  Truth Wins.  Trying to silence it is futile. 



  3. Pamela says:  March 28, 2011, at 11:25 AM

    “Shouldn’t that be “WHACK”?”


    Are you referring to the title of this thread-topic as listed above?

    Whac-A-Mole is the name of the carnival game which is seen on boardwalks at seashore resorts, in amusement parks, and in travelling carnivals which are often seen in the country side and in county fairs.  The game is popular and played by quite a few men, women, and children of different ages.

    The correct spelling used for the actual game is “Whac-A-Mole,” not “Whack-A-Mole.”


  4. I’m just wondering: why are the anti-abortion billboards considered “racist?” Why do these groups want them taken down so badly? The high rate of abortion in the black community is a fact, it’s not as if they are trying to misinform people.

    I see advertisements, billboards, etc., that I find annoying, but I don’t demand that they be taken down. I am a strong believer in free speech. If the Klan wants to put up a billboard they have a right to, as long as they are not inciting violence.

    But I guess it’s free speech for me not for thee again . . .


  5. At our local county health clinic, the “morning after” pill adverstising posters feature a black teenager.  As long as your poster is pro-abortion, they won’t cry “racism.”


  6. I know what the game is, William. My bad. I’ve just never seen it spelled that way before.


  7. Calling the tragically high black abortion rate “genocide” is beyond ludicrous. It’s pure hopgwash.Bunk,baloney and poppycock.. The reason for their high abortion rate is POVERTY  !!!!!   If there were more help from the government for those poor black women,and poor women in general of whatever race, they would not be having so many abortions ! Don’t you anti-choicers get this? Can’t you put two and two together?
    Why do you blindly accept the preposterous notion that there is some sinister racist white plot to exterminate blacks in America through abortion?   This is nothing but anti-choice propaganda. What a crock !  If anything, it’s the U.S. government’s failure to provide the necessary help for poor black women that’s racist !


  8. Take a deep breath and step away from your computer before your head explodes, Robert. 

    I am so sorry that you hate poor black women so much that all you have to offer them is killing.


  9. William, just because I want the killing of babies to stop does not mean that it is my responsibility to fund their bad choices. Poor women, rich women, whatever….if you want to have sex and don’t want a baby, you have total control over that decision. I don’t have to subsidize your sex–you do. Stop having the sex with guys who aren’t your husbands, and the babies won’t come. Duh!!


  10. I hate black women? Are you out of your mind,or is it just inability to read? I didn’t say I wanted black women to have a lot of abortions.I said that the reason for their tragically high abortion rate is not some imaginary genocidal plot,but POVERTY.
    If there were more help available to them to take care of their children,born or unborn,they wouldn’t have so many abortions.What I said that unless they get more help to care for their children, it’s inevitable that they will have a lot of abortions. You’ve completely misunderstood what I was trying to say. Reduce poverty in the black community, and the abortion rate will decrease markedly.There’s no other way to do this.
    To think I hate black women is ludicrous. Apparently,you anti-choicers hate vblack children – once they’re out of the womb,because you don’t give a you-know-what whether they will ever get decent food,shelter,education and medical care . Now THAT’s racism.


  11. You hate poor black women because you advocate that the way OUT OF POVERTY is to kill their preborn children!! Women ALL women deserve better than abortion! It is NOT love to tell women that they need to kill their own to “better themselves.”

    Margaret Sanger would be so proud of you, Robert! Her legacy of exterminating “human weeds” as she called African Americans lives on through you.

    Your racism makes me ill.

    Why do we give away diapers, formula, help with jobs, education, and places to live AFTER the baby is born??


  12. Robert:  I said that the reason for their tragically high abortion rate is not some imaginary genocidal plot,but POVERTY.
    Poverty is one factor, definitely.  You’re right that the talk of “genocide” is ludicrous, Robert.  Heck, black women in the US have a higher rate of giving birth than do white women.  That they have a higher rate of having abortions, also, is due to a higher rate of unwanted pregnancies.


  13. “The poor are always with us,” whether we have legal abortion or not, I’d say.


  14. Sure, poverty is why Hollywood actresses, pop singers, and female newscasters get abortions.  Poverty is why grad students, women angry at their husbands and/or lovers get abortions.  Poverty is why women who’ve spent thousands on fertility treatments but don’t want a boy or girl or twins or triplets abort. Poverty is why YES some women abort so as not to be fat on their wedding day or graduation day.  Poverty alright, poverty of spirit.


  15. Ninek, bemoaning all the above is not what Carla was talking about.
    That said, perhaps Charlie Sheen will always be with us, whether Baby Jessica buys the firefighters a few rounds of drinks or not.


  16. I stand against the lies that Robert posts here. Lies from the pit of hell that abortion helps or heals or alleviates suffering for anyone. Abortion kills a child. Abortion wounds a mother. 

    Offering a woman killing instead of support, encouragement and a shoulder is not love.
    It is hatred. Hatred for the preborn child and hatred for a mother who CAN have that baby!!

    Abortion does not offer hope. It offers destruction. It offers death.

    Robert, you do nothing but spew lies and hatred and deception here. 

    I stand on truth. The truth of my abortion story and the conviction of my love for pregnant mothers and their children who need more help than you are willing to give. I will go boldly to walk alongside these women.

    You will do nothing.


  17. Poverty? Poverty is the reason for so many black abortions? Do people who think that have even a passing knowledge of history? The poor in America today are rich compaired to the poor a century ago, even half a century ago, especially the black community. Yet, traditionally, blacks in the lowest of poverty realized that having lots of kids was their best bet out of poverty, it meant more hands to help with the family business, or more chances that someone would get into college and help the others, or more chances for someone with a gift (crafting, art, etc). The world over the truly poor understand large families are a bloodlines passage out of poverty, not into it. But today the pro-aborts have twisted and lied about the beauty of children, instead of gifts they are looked at as chains. It’s a horrible mangling of history and a severe detriment to those who buy it. Until we wake back up to the life-affirming and endless potential of welcoming new life into a family unit the poors best bet out of poverty will continue to elude them. Killing a child will never make anyone richer.


  18. @Jespren Killing a child will never make anyone richer.

    Exactly! Because of the economy millions of people are out of work, how many parents cant afford their born children now should they be able to kill them Heck NO they shouldnt.

    @Robert I grew up really poor, dig in the trash for food poor. I’m glad my parents didn’t kill my brothers, sisters and I! When I was pregnant with my first child I was poor, a family planning clinic worker tried to pressure me to abort her, even after I told her that abortion was NOT an option Id ever consider. She’s 16 years old now, NOT poor, being poor can be a temporary situation aborting an unborn child is permanent. My daughter has been a blessing, I’m so glad I didn’t give into the pressure! At the time I was really bad off my iron was so low that when I had seen the doctor I was prescribed to take a prenatal pill with 150% iron plus 3 tablets of iron a day,150% iron each. I thank God for giving me the strength to say no! There is help out there; we need to share with those in need!
    It is a tragedy that so many black unborn babies have been killed through abortion, what is racist about wanting them NOT to be aborted? There is nothing wrong with helping someone through the hard times! If someone has problem with receiving help when they need it, just think of it as I accept the help and when able to, pay it forward to someone in the future. Some charities that help the poor are Catholic Charities, Catholic Relief, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Loaves and Fishes.


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