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  • Bryan Kemper posts the text of one man’s scheduled interview with an Atlanta, GA Planned Parenthood. Of special interest is the paranoia of the PP educator in refusing to answer some straightforward questions and PP’s refusal to allow any audio recording of the interview. PP later tried to harass one the interviewers, even contacting his supervising professor. All this from an organization that has nothing to hide.

  • On the 1st anniversary of Obamacare, the LTI blog highlights the role of Bart Stupak (now a fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government) and other pro-life Democrats on its final passage. Stupak claims to have no regrets.
  • Mark Crutcher writes on the always controversial topic of using graphic abortion photos. Crutcher believes that by objecting to the photos, many well-meaning pro-lifers become unwitting allies of the industry that wants women to stay uninformed and to make uninformed decisions about abortion.
  • Secular ProLife enumerates which Constitutional rights would be removed from pro-lifers if NJ Sen. Frank Lautenberg got his way. Lautenberg recently claimed pro-lifers “don’t deserve the freedoms in the Constitution… but we’ll give it to them anyway.”
  • The Culture Vulture suggests that in addition to observing “Earth Hour” by turning off lights for an hour, we should celebrate “Birth Hour” to “remember all the human beings who won’t get to be born, and all of the women harmed this year because of abortion.”
  • ProLifeBlogs posts a press release detailing the Maryland Coalition for Life’s leasing of an office space directly across from Carhart’s late-term abortion mill in Germantown, MD.
  • Parenting Freedom tells of Hungary’s plan to encourage citizens to have more children – tax cuts, extra maternity leave, etc. – without banning abortion.
  • Moral Outcry discusses remarks made by Australian Professor Julian Savulescu, chair of Oxford University’s practical ethics department, who believes society has an interest in promoting eugenics. He also claims IQ is important, and that those of lesser intelligence should be weeded out through genetic manipulation and IVF. View video of his commentary below:

    Part 1


    Part 2


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