Mark Harrington, former Exec. Dir. for the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Midwest, has launched a new organization called Created Equal.  Mark’s 12 year tenure with CBR ended April 8.

The words “Created Equal” are found in our Declaration of Independence and were restated by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in his famous “I Have a Dream” speech.  This phrase summarizes the pro-life message well.  Abortion is age-based discrimination.  As Dr. King said, “Men should be judged not by the color of their skin” – nor whether they are born or preborn – but “by the content of their character.”

From Harrington’s press release:

“I owe CBR a debt of gratitude for helping to pioneer some of the most effective projects in fighting abortion,” Harrington said.  “The experience of applying the proven methods of historical social reform to the abortion battle has uniquely prepared me for the next phase of my service in the pro-life movement.”

“Created Equal’s goal is to train the next generation of leaders to take on the culture of death and win,” Harrington continued.  “We will specialize in youth training and outreach at the high school and college level.  In addition, we will be more agile in our use of prenatal and abortion imagery.  The use of new media and various other cutting edge display technologies will permit us to train and reach more students than ever before.  Our projects will be easily transferable to students all across America so they can win the abortion debate on campus now and into the future.”

Here’s interesting video of Created Equal’s Seth Drayer asking pro-aborts a simple question, “What is abortion?” Note his nonconfrontational approach…


I’ve known Mark for years, and he is a very effective pro-life advocate. I’m a monthly donor to Created Equal. Please consider donating to Created Equal yourself and help Mark get a great launch.

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