I usually wince when receiving links to pro-life songs or videos, because they’re often not so good.

But here’s a new pro-life short film (11-1/2 minutes long without credits) that’s very good: To Be Born.

My ranking (out of 4 stars):

Production (HD!)/editing: 4 stars
Music: 4 stars
Acting: 4 stars
Storyline: 3 stars

Film’s background:

The film is based off a story called “A Letter from an Aborted Child,” which had been used for nearly 10 years by Father Stephen Lesniewski for use to show women in a time of indecision. He estimates that over 500 babies have been saved because of his efforts in utilizing the aforementioned piece. Upon its great success, Fr. Stephen decided to have a film produced with the hope that the overall message would reach an even larger audience.

I agree this is a good film to show abortion vulnerable mothers, and it’s short enough that they should have no trouble sitting through it. It also contains a short message of hope to post-abortive mothers.


(My basic quibble on the storyline is mostly on a technicality, probably only because I’m a nurse. Others may not notice. But the little girl describes a dilation and evacuation abortion, which all the blood in the operating room backs up, while the mom appears to have aborted as soon as she started showing symptoms and confirmed she was pregnant, meaning she would have undergone a dilation and curettage abortion, which is not so gruesome. Accuracy and consistency are important. Abortion is bad. There’s no need to give the other side cause to say we’re embellishing. Otherwise, the story was very good.)

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