Fr. Michael Pfleger has been the bane of Chicago pro-lifers’ existence for years.

For example, in 2003 Pfleger invited pro-abort Rev. Al Sharpton to speak from the pulpit on a Sunday at his church, St. Sabina’s, an event I picketed with Pro-Life Action League.

In 2008 Pfleger endorsed pro-abort/pro-infanticide Barack Obama for president, getting himself suspended by Cardinal Francis George for his subsequent racist remarks against Obama opponent Hillary Clinton. Who could forget…


Priests in Chicago are supposed to serve no more than 2 consecutive 6-yr terms at a parish. But due to Pfleger’s popularity with his primarily African-American congregation, he has been allowed to serve 30 yrs at St. Sabina.

But no more. No surprise, a move by Cardinal George to finally move Pfleger blew up. Long story short, according to the Northwest Herald:

George suspended Pfleger on Wednesday after public comments in which Pfleger… suggested he would leave the church if George reassigned him to a local Catholic high school.

Here is what Pfleger said in a radio interview:

I want to try to stay in the Catholic Church. If they say you either take this principalship of a high school or a pastorship there or leave, then I have to look outside the church.

The Chicago Tribune interviewed George about the situation. I’ve never listened to him for any length of time. He appears to be a very wise man…

Good riddance, Michael Pfleger, unless you repent… on a lot of things.

[HT: Illinois Review]

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