Yesterday Planned Parenthood was excited to post (“Birth Control Girl spotted in our nation’s capital!”) this photo on Twitter

We’ve previously featured Birth Control Girl here, Planned Parenthood’s one weird-looking-woman ad campaign to stop co-pays.

In the future I expect to see Birth Control Girl with Child, since Guttmacher reports 54% of pregnant mothers were using contraceptives the month they got pregnant.

Or Birth Control Girl with Double Mastectomy, since oral contraceptives greatly increase the risk (250-420%) of a very aggressive form of breast cancer.

Or Birth Control Girl with HPV… or Genital Herpes… or Chlamydia… or HIV, since oral contraceptives do not protect against STDs whatsoever.

But I did have to smile when reading the only comment the photo of Birth Control Girl has thus far received, from lifehaspurpose, i.e., our friend Ryan Bomberger with the Radiance Foundation

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