Last night Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney held a private fundraiser at a posh supporter’s home outside of Denver, in Cherry Hill Village.

There to spotlight Romney’s pro-abortion past was a group from American Right to Life. Love the fancy people in the background of the picture above. (Click to enlarge.)

Many pro-lifers were skeptical of Romney in 2008, and I expect many more have been added to the list following Romney’s announcement last week that he will not sign Susan B. Anthony List’s pro-life pledge.

Add me to the latter list. I gave Romney the benefit of the doubt in 2008, but not this time, not since he has admitted wanting the freedom if elected president to appoint pro-abortion ideologues to his cabinet and government leadership posts, and also that he also wants to turn a blind eye toward the “thousands” of hospitals he knows are committing abortions while receiving Medicaid/Medicare funding.

The schism being created here is by old guard Republicans who have given the nod to yet another abortion pacifist. Romney is their guy.

Those Republicans should take note. What does it say that the Left loves the schism? In recent days both Huffington Post and Rachel Maddow have spotlighted this 2007 video by ARTL…


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