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  • The New York Times has an article on Mila Means’ efforts to provide abortions in Wichita. The article notes Means’ financial difficulties and has quotes from Means discussing her reasoning for attempting to provide abortions:

    But Dr. Means is certainly not the ideological warrior many expected to fill his void. She said her decision to start performing abortions was as much about making money for her struggling practice as about restoring access to a constitutional right….

    She looked at the finances of her solo family practice and figured she might be the poorest doctor in the state. Though she lives modestly, she has had continuing problems managing money: her credit card companies have taken her to court, and her checks occasionally bounce. Determined to work alone, she did not have enough patients to cover the bills. 

    Offering abortions seemed the easiest way to keep the doors to her small office open, she said. The need was also there, she felt.

    The article also notes how Means (pictured above left) attempted to work at a CPC in 2001.

  • A right to life office in New Brunswick, Canada was vandalized 3 nights in a row:“It happened on three successive nights, three different incidents,” said association executive director Peter Ryan. “One night they painted the word ‘Choice’ on one side of our building in large black letters and came back two other nights and ripped off our wooden flower boxes attached to the front of our building which dress it up nicely.

    “They didn’t just rip out the flowers, but they went to the trouble of yanking the whole fixture off the wall, which suggests there was some animosity toward us.”

  • A study by Northwestern researchers has found injecting patients with their own stem cells can help relieve angina:After 6 months, even patients with low doses of stem cell injections had fewer angina episodes per week than the control group (about 7 compared to 11); results were still similar after one year. The low-dose stem cell group could also exercise longer, lasting an average of 139 seconds on a treadmill, compared to 69 seconds by the control group.

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