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  • Live Action describes President Obama as “the best example of extraordinary pro-choice hubris since Margaret Sanger” but his presidency has spurred the pro-life community to greater action and legislative victories.

  • On Facebook, Randy Alcorn has posted video of Scott Klusendorf’s debate with Nadine Strossen at Westmont College. We must be familiar with the arguments and tactics of abortion proponents:


  • The Family Research Council urges readers to contact the Chinese embassy calling for an end to the brutalization of attorney Chen Guangcheng and his family. Chen is fighting his country’s one-child policy, which includes forced abortion and sterilization.
  • Timmerie’s Blog invites readers to follow the Facebook and Twitter updates from the Survivors 14th Annual ProLife Training Camp, running July 6 – 16. There are several pro-life camp opportunities available this summer.
  • Vital Signs points to a blog on the mental and spiritual disconnect of those who participate in premarital sex and abortion but claim to be practicing Christians:A growing number also see no connection between aborting their child and their relationship with God. Just this week, a young woman who attended church and claimed to be a believer stated that her abortion was okay because God would forgive her. When her advocate reminded her that God forgives, but there are consequences for our sinful actions, she became very angry and accused the volunteer of being judgmental.

    Perhaps her church has been afraid of the same reaction and been holding back on teaching the sometimes hard truth of the Scriptures. Right and wrong have been watered down in a sea of overemphasis on love and acceptance.

  • LTI has a post on worldview and “bumper sticker philosophy”:… [T]he first sticker that caught my eye on one sticker-clad red sedan was a parody of the Christian fish symbol — inside the fish was “DARWIN,” and the fish had stick feet. Just to the right of that sticker were two others (one placed just above the other) that respectively read, “Fight racism” and “Pro-choice.” Uh-oh. The owner of the red sedan was clearly not majoring in metaphysics….

    [T]he “Darwin fish” showed her hand — she was undergirding her ideas with a naturalistic worldview….
    Not only that, the sticker… implied that she believed her worldview is better than others. But “better than” depends on an unseen scale of goodness. Naturalism cannot account for goodness, much less better than. According to her worldview, ideas are just the inevitable result of bombarding particles. So ideas can be different, but none can be better than others. 

    The same problem extends to the views implied by the other stickers…. “Fight racism” implies that she thinks it is wrong to discriminate based on physical appearance — skin color, for instance. I agree. But “Pro-choice,” the view that advocates abortion, asserts that discrimination is okay on grounds of size, level of development, environment, and degree of dependency.

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