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  • Virginia’s State Board of Health will vote the proposed abortion clinic regulations today. The local CBS channel has video of the dueling protests.
  • A South Dakota man has been charged with trying to kill an unborn child by spiking his girlfriend’s drink. He was extradited from Puerto Rico and faces up to 25 years in jail:

    [Alfredo] Vargas allegedly gave his girlfriend Blue Cohosh over a period from January to May of 2010, according to Pennington County chief deputy state’s attorney Lara Roetzel.

    “She became suspicious and contacted law enforcement,” Roetzel said.

    Blue Cohosh is known to induce labor or abortion in early term pregnancies, Roetzel said.

    The woman delivered a healthy baby, she said.

  • The lack of parking spaces and the unwillingness of any area business to provide parking spaces has led Planned Parenthood to abandon its plans to build a clinic at a location in Redwood, California:

    The surprise revelation came one week before the Redwood City City Council was to decide whether to allow the women’s health organization to operate on El Camino Real despite the opposition of abortion foes.

    It closed the book on an 8-month saga that included protests, a formal appeal, and a scramble by Planned Parenthood to find 9 off-site parking spaces required by the clinic’s use permit.

    Enterprise Rent-A-Car had agreed to provide those spaces to the clinic across the street at 2890 El Camino Real, but later backed out of the deal.

  • At Public Discourse, Adam MacLeod writes about “Assisted Suicide: The Forgotten Front in the Fight for Life” in light of news that Massachusetts voters will decide on a ballot initiative which hopes to legalize assisted suicide.
  • Indiana’s fight to defund Planned Parenthood will remain up in the air until at least December. PP has continued to receive Medicaid funding since a temporary injunction was granted.
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