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  • As far as I’ve seen, CBS is the first American mainstream media outlet to cover the newest abortion/mental health study:

    For the study, researchers analyzed data on 877,000 women, including 164,000 who had an abortion. They found women who had an abortion experienced an 81% increased risk for mental problems.

    Women who had an abortion were 34% more likely to develop an anxiety disorder, 37% more likely to experience depression, 110% more likely to abuse alcohol, 155% more likely to commit suicide, and 220% more likely to use marijuana.

    At National Right to Life’s blog, Randall O’Bannon has more:

    Moreover, Coleman’s meta-analysis showed that 9.9% of the incidence of mental health problems in the population group of aborted women was directly attributable to abortion. This also included 34.9% of suicides in this group.

  • Nicola Riley (pictured left), a Utah abortionist and former employee of infamous abortionist Steve Brigham, has been fined 10K for lying about her criminal history when she applied for a license to practice medicine. While her license hasn’t been pulled, Riley has agreed not to perform abortions in UT while she’s being investigated for her role in Brigham’s abortion caravans.
  • The Guardian goes all in on attempting to provide the most biased look inside an abortion clinic ever. Though she’s inside an abortion clinic, Rachel Williams doesn’t describe what happens in an abortion at all. We know all about the anesthetics, the waiting room and recovery rooms, and the counseling but nothing about the actual abortion procedure. Nor does she describe what happens to the remains of aborted children. Those factoids are left out so clinic workers can continually describe themselves and their work positively.

[Riley photo via wholebodygreen.com]

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