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  • The Anti Abortion Gang responds to Amanda Marcotte’s “‘realities’ pro-choicers should ‘throw in the face’ of pro-lifers” with an excellent post on “10 Things I’d Say To Pro-Aborts Who Blame Conservatives For Their Abortion.”

  • Generations for Life promotes the upcoming LIFEapalooza 2011, to be held September 25 in Lombard, IL, hosted by pro-life flash mob originators Crusaders for Life. View the trailer:


  • The FRC Blog points out another victory for adult stem cells, this time in the treatment of stroke victims.
  • Culture Campaign discusses the recent case of a Massachusetts middle school which administered an oral sex survey to students (without parental permission) in a quest to apply for government grants. Concerned parents filed a complaint with the US Department of Education with the help of Rita Dunaway of the Rutherford Institute. Dunaway wrote that parents “send their children to public schools to receive an education; not to become subjects of governmental data mining.” Bingo.
  • Moral Outcry introduces the well-received idea of encouraging hairstylists and barbers in the African-American community to talk about abortion in their shops. 1,000+ committed to this after going by a booth at the Bronner Brothers International Hair Show in Atlanta. Stylists each received a window decal and a copy of Maafa 21.
  • Fletcher Armstrong tells about his experiences with the Genocide Awareness Project at Liberty University – a Christian, liberal arts campus.
  • American Life League released a video in July explaining the fungibility of money to Planned Parenthood. PP understands this concept and so should you. It also explains why we should not allow PP to hide behind the Hyde Amendment.


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