Post-abortive support group Silent No More announced today that Julia Holcomb has joined its roster of speakers:

For 36 years she has kept quiet about her relationship with the rock star Steven Tyler and the abortion he talked her into in 1975. But Julia Holcomb will be Silent No More.

Janet Morana and Georgette Forney, co-founders of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, have announced that Ms. Holcomb has joined the Campaign that gives women and men a platform to speak about the way abortion has harmed them and millions of others just like them, and to let those who are still suffering in silence know that healing and redemption is possible.

Ms. Holcomb’s incredible story is proof of that.

Now a married mother of six sons, Ms. Holcomb is setting the record straight about her relationship with the Aerosmith frontman. “I had decided I would never talk about Steven, but he continues to talk about me, including in his two books,” Ms. Holcomb said. “I decided it was time for me to tell the truth about our relationship.”

Julia began to talk publicly about her horrific experience this past spring and is now speaking to pro-life audiences. Arizona Right to Life featured Julia at its state conference on September 24.

Look for Julia to speak on behalf of Silent No More at the 2013 March for Life on January 23. View her touching videotaped testimony at the SNM website. Also see the interview she gave to

We welcome this courageous mom to the pro-life fold!

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