Kristy Greenwell believes administrators at Mennonite Educational Institute were in the wrong by not notifying parents in advance of a voluntary pro-life demonstration Tuesday in which kids had the option of wearing red stickers that read ‘Life.’

The stickers, an idea that originated Friday afternoon from a Grade 8 girl at the school, were to show student support for unborn fetuses and against abortion.

Greenwell took her three kids out of school for the day and is contemplating taking them out of MEI altogether after she found out about the event not through administrators or teachers, but by overhearing a conversation between her 11-year-old daughter and her nine-year-old son.

“There was nothing informing parents,” said Greenwell.

“I’m sure there are parents who don’t have a problem with it, but I’m sure there are a lot who would if they were made aware that this is the topic that their 11-, 12-and 13-year-olds are being taught.”

Greenwell also questioned whether bringing up the subject of abortion was “appropriate” for middle school students.

~ Parent reacts to student participation in the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity, as quoted by The Abbotsford Times, October 20

[Photo via Christian Newswire]

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