Mashable reported on September 30:

A chiropractor in Ottawa gave an unusual invitation to the World Wide Web this week.

“Hi, I’m Dr. Nancy Salgueiro with,” [pictured right, with her family] she said in a YouTube video, “and I’d like to invite you into my home to watch my live birth online.”

The mother of two, who runs a website that promotes natural birth, has set up a sign-up list for access to the live stream on that site and her Facebook Page. About 800 people have already signed up to watch…. Her 2-year-old son will cut the umbilical chord.

Even the thought of a front seat to the miracle of life is enough to make many people’s stomachs turn. And that is exactly Salgueiro’s point.

“The reason why I’m doing this is because in our culture we’ve created this idea with fear and this visual image of what birth is,” she says, “and we don’t know what to expect when we’re going to give birth. And I really believe it’s important for women to see what normal, natural birth is like.”…

Commenters… have accused her of attention grabbing, removing the last private arena from the world and being gross. “What happens if something goes wrong during the birth?,” “Is she looking for sponsors?,” they ask.

The audience for which the live stream is intended, women considering natural births, seems to be appreciative.

“I am 2 1/2 months pregnant with my first, and planning a homebirth with this baby,” reads one of many supportive messages on her website. “I think this is wonderful and empowering, and you are very brave.”

It’s too late to sign up to watch Nancy’s home birth, since her baby boy was born October 16. Here’s video of that birth, although I think the video of the birth of Nancy’s second child was much better…


So what do you think? Should births be private or public? Are births gross or miraculous? What do you think about home births? What do you think about live-streaming deliveries?

As an ob/gyn nurse, I’m nervous about home births, generally speaking. But I wasn’t about this one, since the mom was obviously educated and capable, and since she’d already experienced two previous home births. And obviously, I think watching the miracle of birth is beautiful. They get me every time.

Your thoughts?

[HT: Women’s eNews on Twitter]

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