I had it. But I mean, a lot of people get it from my ex…. I mean it was fine, you know. There are no side effects.

You just go and get it taken care of….

It’s something like, I think the statistics were something like 98% of people will have it.

~ Singer/songwriter Alexa Ray Joel, 25, daughter of Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel, sadly clueless about the human papillomavirus, as quoted by The Daily Mail, October 28

HPV affects “at least half of all sexually active people,” according to the CDC. Along with causing genital warts, “persistent HPV infections are now recognized as the cause of essentially all cervical cancers, as well as most cases of anal cancer,” according to the National Cancer Institute, which also reports it is incurable: “[T]here is currently no medical treatment for HPV infections.”

See Alexa Ray’s full interview (warning: slightly graphic) at XO Jane.

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