UPDATE 11/28, 10:50a: Two more. PPNM is now deleting comments almost as fast as pro-lifers post them – back at work after a weekend with their families.  Carla has been catching them before they go…

UPDATE 11/28, 9:23a: Pro-lifers have been having fun with Planned Parenthood New Mexico’s November 23 Facebook update announcing it would be closed Thanksgiving Day and Friday. At present 54 have “liked” the fact PPNM took two days off from killing babies.

Moderator Carla got the idea to add a sage comment, which took several hours for the folks at PPNM to delete. Then they got vindictive and blocked Carla, boo hoo.

Unfortunately I didn’t think to save the screenshot of Carla’s wit, but I have been watching and saving others before PPNM aborted them…

11/24, 7:23a: If you’re on Facebook, go to Planned Parenthood New Mexico’s page and “like” its following status update. I’d love to see the count go very high. Click screenshot to enlarge (and you can’t “like” from the screenshot, you have to go to the link)….

So, yes, one thing I’m thankful for today is most U.S. abortion mills will be closed.

And hundreds if not thousands of moms contemplating abortion will spend time with families and friends and kids and babies and change their minds.

What a pleasant thought.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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