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  • Mommy Life reports that the bi-annual “Sex Week” held on Yale’s campus is now facing the axe due to becoming “highly problematic.” Apparently, the two-week-long event started as a sex-ed program but (predictably) devolved into “pornography, porn stars, fetishes, sex toys and sex talks….”

  • Wesley J. Smith brings to light a story fairly buried by mainstream media – that embryonic stem cell research pioneer Geron “is discontinuing further stem cell work, a move with stark implications for a field offering hope of future medicines for conditions with inadequate or no current treatments.”
  • Timmerie’s Blog continues to sum up the highlights from the International ProLife Youth Conference, including information on pro-life blogging from our very own Jill Stanek.


  • Women’s Rights without Frontiers reminds us that as blind activist Chen Guangcheng (pictured left with his wife and child in happier times) turns 40, there remains no reason for him to celebrate. Chen’s investigation “exposed the fact that there were 130,000 forced abortions and sterilizations in Linyi in 2005, and he was jailed for four years and three months. He remains under house arrest, where he has been tortured and denied medical treatment. His health is in jeopardy.”
  • Right to Life of Michigan responds to Detroit News columnist and abortion advocate, Laura Berman’s claim that proper disposing of fetal remains is unnecessary and even psychologically harmful to women:

    Amazingly, Berman thinks women should have the completely unrestricted ability to have abortions but women shouldn’t be able to choose how they want the remains of their unborn children treated.

    Wouldn’t most women who miscarry be more traumatized not knowing how the remains of their unborn children were treated? Isn’t it empowering to allow women to decide how their children’s bodies are treated?

    Apparently, the decision to have an abortion is the only decision Berman views as empowering.

  • Secular ProLife has started a sister blog that focuses on medical malpractice in abortions. One of the cases shows how abortion can affect future family members, as the sibling of an aborted child ended up seriously injured due to negligence and malpractice of a CA Planned Parenthood clinic.
  • Pro-Life Unity links to a LifeSiteNews post which questions whether the message of the latest Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn, which features an unplanned pregnancy, is really pro-life.
  • Pro-Life Action League educates pro-lifers on the “rape and incest” exceptions for abortion, stating, “Their hesitancy is rooted in a misplaced sense of compassion for victims of these horrific crimes, and in a belief that the law should make exceptions to allow them to have abortions.” But victims deserve help and healing which abortion does not bring.
  • Stand for Life features two excellent videos from Focus on the Family’s Faces of Life Contest illustrating the importance of ultrasounds and pregnancy resource centers, including this one from a one-time abortion-minded woman who found help at a PRC:


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