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  • Live Action reprints a letter written by Rep. Joe Pitts debunking NARAL’s claim that his bill will “let women die” because it does not force hospitals to perform abortions.

  • ProLifeBlogs links to information on the hiring of the Rev. Dr. Derrick Harkins, a pro-abortion liberal and evangelical pastor, as the head of the religious outreach program of the Democratic National Committee. Institute on Religion and Democracy President Mark Tooley notes:

    “The DNC selection of Harkins is understandable given his liberal politics and his connections with mostly conservative evangelicals. As a board member of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), he has ready access to leaders of at least 40 member denominations.

    Should a pastor work directly for a political party while also leading a church? The Religious Left would complain if an evangelical pastor were similarly hired by the Republican National Committee.

    It remains to be seen if traditional, pro-life, pro-traditional marriage evangelicals listen to Harkins’ appeals on behalf of the DNC.”

  • Big Blue Wave reports on a strange “toy” selling in Kazakhstan (pictured left). No one seems to know who made the toy, a “plastic keg-shaped box” which “contains a human embryo in red liquid. If the cover of the container opens, the embryo falls out together with [a] sticky mucus.”
  • Mark Crutcher writes a powerful piece chronicling the life and passing of Samuel Yvette, an African American journalist who questioned the motives of the abortion industry, and in particular, Planned Parenthood. He chronicles his professional rise – and rapid fall – after writing about black genocide. Crutcher likens this situation to the current attacks on GOP candidate Herman Cain, who also dared to call out PP for their part in black genocide. He writes:

    Early on, the leaders of the eugenics movement had figured out that it was best for them to keep their racial intentions hidden. They also understood that it would be hard to pull this off if a lot of “uppity” Black opinion molders started challenging their actions and questioning their motives.

  • The Culture Vulture announces a name and blog address change to
  • Euthanasia Prevention Coalition chronicles the taping of a recent Dr. Oz episode on assisted suicide. Unfortunately, the show’s bias in favor of assisted suicide was apparent.
  • LTI reposts a popular article about the chance meeting of a young man with Down syndrome:

    [H]e remains one of the top five friendliest people I have met in a men’s locker room. As he walked out and the voice in the hall greeted him warmly I was haunted by the fact that our culture is largely committed to the belief that people like that young man should not be allowed to be born.

  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life posts on disturbing initiatives coming from the United Nations which, “rather than focusing on ways to improve maternal health… are pushing a radical agenda to promote and expand abortion all around the globe.”

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