UPDATE 11/30, 2:50p: Students for Life of America has informed me its Facebook cause, Abolish Abortion, has garnered an amazing 636,257 members and has raised an amazing total of $25,052.78 to date.  In addition, SFLA announced yesterday it has received a matching grant opportunity from the Friess Family Foundation, which will generously match every dollar donated through December 31 up to $125,000. Double your donation by giving to SFLA today.

UPDATE 11/29, 8:14a: When one writes a post such as this, one risks making an oversight. And I made a big one. Commenter Anna mentioned Personhood USA’s huge accomplishment on Twitter, which is that it has over 100,000 followers, 111,683 to be exact – 3x more than Planned Parenthood. But what’s more, Personhood Florida has almost 124, 000 followers, and Personhood Colorado certainly deserves credit for having almost 47,000 followers. Obviously the Personhood movement is a major force in the pro-life movement.

11/28, 7p: Last week was a big week for Lila Rose and Live Action. The dynamic team blew past 200,000 “likes” on Facebook, an incredible feat.

Tonight with more than 209,000 fans, Live Action has surpassed $1 billion abortion conglomerate and nemesis Planned Parenthood, which has roughly 202,000 pro-abortion fans. NARAL is distantly behind at almost 48,000. Rose commented in an email to me:

The Live Action team is excited about our latest milestone, to be connected with over 200,000 people on Facebook – the largest page on Facebook for a pro-life organization – and the vast majority of our page made up of youth.

While Live Action has less than .1% of Planned Parenthood’s budget, our Facebook page is bigger, and this is just the beginning. Youth stand for the human rights, for the absolute dignity of the human person and the right to life of our unborn brothers and sisters. And we will use every medium available to make our message heard.

Meanwhile LifeNews.com’s founder and editor Steven Ertelt passed an impressive milestone on Twitter, garnering his 30,000th follower.

Ertelt is now nipping at Planned Parenthood’s heels, which has just 1,500 more followers, even after famously paying astronomical ad fees to buy friends. Again, NARAL ranks a distant third with about 10,500 followers.

Ertelt’s advice about Twitter? He wrote in an email:

We’ve been very blessed and successful at networking with pro-life people both on Twitter and Facebook, and I strongly suggest that pro-life groups and activists do more to use social media to advance the pro-life message. With the bias and misinformation in the mainstream media, it’s crucial that we as a pro-life movement uses these free and low-cost tools to educate, to take action, and help people.

The key to success on Twitter and Facebook is providing a consistent stream of timely and useful information that people will find either interesting or be something they can celebrate – a piece of good news.

The second key is interacting with other people – dialoging, having conversations, and sharing information. Twitter and Facebook are communities and people want to network and learn things, but, most of all, they want to build relationships. Building relationships is the key to growing your pro-life networks in social media.

Congratulations to these two leaders in the pro-life movement. Social media is an important, new tool in our quest to defeat the culture of death.

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