Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was just sentenced to 14 years in prison on federal corruption charges.

As governor Blagojevich sentenced thousands of babies to death, signing an executive order in 2005 to fund embryonic stem cell research in Illinois.

Blagojevich also filed an “emergency rule” in 2005 forcing Illinois pharmacies and pharmacists to dispense the morning-after pill even if violating their consciences.

Then there is the matter of the Illinois Finance Authority giving Planned Parenthood of Illinois a bond rating that allowed it to borrow money at a cheaper rate to build its Aurora abortion mill in 2007 while Blago was governor.

Good riddance.

As an aside, I thought it was pretty terrible that Blagojevich used his one of his daughters to try to get a lighter sentence, submitting a letter from 15-yr-old Amy in court yesterday that read in part, “I need my father. I need him there for my high school graduation…. I’ll need him when my heart gets broken.”

Blagojevich should have thought of his daughter before engaging in corruption. Now it is he who has broken her heart.

[Photo of Blagojevich via the Los Angeles Times; photo of Amy Blagojevich with her mother Patti via NPR]

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