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  • The Family Research Council reports on the media’s recent attention given to prenatal development and what the preborn actually learn in utero.

  • Live Action describes a supposedly humorous web phenomenon which shares people’s “Texts from Last Night.” Casual sex, drunkenness, and abortion are all common topics of the site – a sad revelation on college/youth culture.

  • Abstinence Clearinghouse links to an article on the need for continued parental vigilance regarding sex education programs in school. They share a quote from a mother’s conversation with her child’s teacher in the 90’s, demonstrating how radical and inappropriate teaching has been going on for years:

When I asked her about modesty, she told me that is something she tries to get the kids over as quick as possible.

My daughter brought home the curriculum from the class and I was appalled. There were several pages of vocabulary they would have to know, including every perversion I had ever heard of and some that I never heard of.

The definition they had for virgin was someone who had never had the opportunity to have sex. The list included polygamy but not monogamy. It even said that sometimes it is beneficial for a marriage if there is an affair.

  • Down on the Pharm highlights some comments that were made in response to a pro-Plan B article from U Penn’s NextGenJournal. The commenter states the FDA has proven itself less than trustworthy in the past and has no business “diddl[ing] with the desires of people who want sexual access to the pediatric population.”
  • Scott Klusendorf discusses how pro-lifers should prioritize election issues.
  • Euthanasia Prevention Coalition discusses its legal arguments against the Carter vs. Attorney General of Canada case that seeks to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada.

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