Abortion proponents are going berserk over a bill in the Virginia General Assembly that would require abortionists to determine the gestational age of babies about to be aborted by ultrasound.

There is nothing in HB 462 that mandates the use of transvaginal ultrasound rather than abdominal ultrasound, but pro-aborts have swarmed around this possibility, comparing it to rape.

Early in a pregnancy -  4-8ish weeks depending on several factors, including the girth of the mother – a baby’s age cannot be ascertained by other than a transvaginal ultrasound.

And this has been determined necessary for the safety of mothers in Virginia based on previous disciplinary actions against abortionists for grossly misjudging a baby’s age:

  • In 1999 the Virginia Board of Medicine disciplined abortionist Mi Yong Kim for beginning the abortion of a mother she believed was 8 weeks pregnant via pelvic exam, only to have to stop the abortion because the baby was much larger. A hospital ultrasound determined the baby was actually 26-4/7 weeks, and still alive. Kim performed a hysterotomy without further consulting the mother and delivered the dead baby, who weighed a little over 2 pounds, consistent with the measured gestational age.
  • In 2006 the Virginia Board of Medicine suspended the license of abortionist Reffat K. Abofrekafor underestimating a preborn baby’s age on one occasion and missing a mass on another:

    ~ In January 2006 Abofreka began the abortion of a baby he thought was 12 weeks old by pelvic exam only to find the baby was much larger. The baby was later delivered alive at a hospital measuring 23-2/7 weeks but died.

    ~ In 2005 Abofreka performed no diagnostic tests whatsoever and began an abortion of a patient. When Abofreka could not get “a satisfactory amount of tissue during the procedure,” he wondered if this was instead an ectopic pregnancy and performed an ultrasound, whereupon discovering a cystic mass between the uterus and left ovary. At the hospital it was determined there was indeed a mass and also a 6-6/7 week old baby. Whether the baby lived or died is unknown.

 Again, performing an ultrasound before an abortion is a safety issue as well as an informed consent issue.

Furthermore, do abortion proponents really want to “go there” on the topic of vaginal intrusion and rape?

If anything, it is an abortion that is comparable to rape. Abortion is an act of violence, both against the baby and her mother. Abortion is painful, bloody, and involves sharp instruments, certainly much more comparable to forcible rape than an innocuous ultrasound probe.

[HT: Victoria Cobb, president of The Family Foundation for disciplinary action pdfs; top grahpic via the Maddow blog]

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