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  • At Talking Points Memo, former Planned Parenthood presidents Faye Wattleton and Gloria Feldt discuss the Komen controversy. Wattleton notes the AT&T battle, which she blames on them for going public with their defunding decision:

    In reference to Komen, Feldt says, “Planned Parenthood has to play really hardball or else, I guarantee you, there will be no funding from Komen in a few years.” Over the past week, Planned Parenthood has emerged strong. But as Feldt warns, “you may win a battle, but you can lose the war too.”

  • California authorities have charged a man with killing his pregnant wife and their unborn child:

    Los Angeles County prosecutors say 41-year-old Hongxin Liu was charged Wednesday with the murder of 39-year-old Chenan Bao and her fetus. The charges include special circumstance allegations of multiple murder but prosecutors haven’t decided whether to seek the death penalty.

  • Chelsea Handler talked about her abortion on Rosie O’Donnell’s show. At one point, she discussed how her parents talked her into an abortion but later said, “You should do whatever you want with your body and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you what to do.”
  • A woman has come forward in the Maryland case of a stillborn child who was thrown in a dumpster:

    Investigators said they hope an autopsy may resolve questions. It may take a month for results.“The woman is very cooperative and indicated the fetus was stillborn. To prove otherwise, that’s why an autopsy exam is done,” [Bel Air Police Chief Leo] Matrangola said.

  • The Indiana Court of Appeals ruled that murder charges should standagainst a woman whose attempt at suicide eventually led to the death of her child after the suicide attempt:

    [Bei Bei] Shuai apparently intended to commit suicide when she ingested rat poison Dec. 23, 2010, according to court documents. She also wrote in a suicide note that she was “taking this baby” with her, the documents said.A friend learned Shuai had ingested rat poison and drove her to a hospital. The 33-week-old fetus, a girl, was delivered by cesarean section but died Jan. 3, 2011.

[Handler photo via oprah.com]

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