We’re always on the lookout to tweak the blog to make it better.

FYI, here were a few enhancements made in the past several days:

  • Comments will now be open on all older posts. We originally had to close them after two weeks due to spam, but that is now under control.
  • Added a new and better print plugin.
  • Added some features to comments, including buttons for copy, paste, and blockquotes. You can now also drag the comment box to make it bigger if you need more space when you’re typing.

I have a question for you on comments. We have the ability to nest comments, which would let you respond to a comment after the comment. Would you like that feature added, or no?

As an aside, most of you know the site was compromised March 30 and 31. Hackers succeeded in injecting scripts that directed you to spam and malware sites. It was a sophisticated hack that took two experts several hours to find.

As I said before, we will likely never know who did it, but the break-in coincidentally occurred soon after I began writing about the new Voice Of Choice website, which promises to retaliate against pro-life activists.

As a result of this incident we have signed on with the security service Sucuri, which was recommended to us by another pro-life group. I mention this as a word to the wise to other pro-life bloggers and webmasters.

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