In his Life Links today, Jivin J links to a story that calls an ultrasound a “torture machine” if turned toward abortion-minded mothers to show them their baby.

The Texas Observer calls laws mandating that mothers receive informed consent via ultrasounds (which they do not have to view) “torment.”

All of this hyperbole in the name of giving mothers the freedom to kill their babies.

And its April 2012 magazine cover more than implies a racist, sinister agenda, showing faceless white men up in a dark-skinned woman’s business.

The hypocrisy is appalling. Republican women in the Texas legislature outnumber Democrat women, for starters. Assuming that only white male legislators are pro-life is so sexist.

At any rate, does anyone complain when male legislators like Barack Obama oppose pro-life legislation, or advance the pro-abortion agenda? No. Men are only allowed to hold one ideology.

Speaking of Obama, do you suppose a photo showing black men visually raping a white woman would go unchallenged?

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