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  • The California Nurses Association is opposing legislation to make it legal in CA for nurse practitioners, nurse midwives and physicians assistants to perform abortions. There is currently a study at UC San Francisco Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health where 41 non-doctors are being trained to perform aspiration abortions.
  • At the Charleston City Paper, Jack Hunter doesn’t get pro-choice vegans:

    What is it that is so precious about milk that it should be respected, but a fetus is something we can dispose of? What is it that is so sacred about cheese, but is nonexistent when it comes to the value of a human life? I simply do not get it. When the primary guiding philosophy behind your diet is a respect for life, it seems perverse to put human beings at the bottom of the food chain.

  • Jane at the Abortion Monologues provides a great example of how some pro-choicers in Canada are almost completely unable to debate abortion. When a call for a government committee to study when human life begins leads to such a mindless, angry, unpersuasive and unreasonable monologue, it makes you wonder if someone like Jane really knows that the unborn are human beings but cares too much about abortion to let that inconvenient fact get in the way.

  • One of Steven Brigham’s (pictured left) closed abortion clinics in Pennsylvania is hoping to re-open but the state doesn’t appear to be backing down:

    Rose Health Services’ failure to have a physician on-site to perform abortion services and notify the department accordingly in a timely fashion is a violation of the law,” said Christine Cronkright, Health Department director of communications. “The Pennsylvania Department of Health stands by its actions in the April 17 letter and order revoking the registration.”

  • At the Philadelphia Daily News Christine Flowers writes about the false idea that having an abortion is courageous or selfless:

    We can disagree about the law.

    We can disagree about the science.

    We can even disagree about the politics of reproductive autonomy.

    What we can’t do, though, is delude ourselves into believing that it takes more courage to destroy a growing fetus than it does to allow that child to be born. We can’t pretend that it is more selfless to use abortion as birth control than it is to give birth and then gift that child to loving, adoptive parents.

[Brigham photo via NRTL News]

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