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  • In the Washington Times, Cathy Cleaver Ruse discusses the depths of Representative Jerrold Nadler’s ignorance:

    Mr. Nadler did make one concession at the committee meeting. “On the other hand,” he said, “an 8-month-old fetus or a 9-month-old fetus, in my opinion, is a human being.” Some concession. Can we not in 2012 call even a nearly born infant a human being as a matter of fact rather than opinion?

  • Father Raymond De Souza writes about Canada’s non-consensus on abortion and Stephen Woodworth’s motion to study if the unborn are human beings:

    Canada’s “consensus” on our unlimited abortion licence — any time, for any reason, fully funded by tax dollars — is a strange one. First of all, it’s not really a consensus, as only a minority of Canadians, when polled, support the extreme position we currently have.

    Yet the faux-consensus is apparently so essential that any attempt to moderate Canada’s abortion enthusiasm is thought to be unpatriotic, as if adopting, say, French or German abortion policies would be to accede to the most retrograde social policies imaginable. At the same time, the faux-consensus is so fragile that every attempt must be made to prevent any discussion about it.

  • In a transparent attempt to keep her problem-ridden Alabama abortion clinic afloat, Southern state abortion clinic magnate Diane Derzis (pictured left) is trying to pull a Steven Brigham. She’s attempting to hand over ownership of her abortion clinic to someone who either rents from her or lives with her. Pro-life groups have noted the fishy business:

    Ochata Management LLC filed an application for a license to run the clinic on March 30, according to state records released at the request of The Birmingham News. Ochata was formed on March 21, according to records in the office of the Alabama Secretary of State.

    Several anti-abortion organizations on Tuesday sent regulators a letter alleging that Ochata’s administrator and the clinic’s current owner, Diane Derzis, have a relationship that should bar the company from taking over the clinic. Under the terms of a consent decree any new operator “must be independent from and not affiliated with New Woman or its officers and directors.” …

    According to Ochata Management’s license application, Ochata is located in a 16th Street South building. According to Jefferson County tax records, Derzis owns a building with the same street address….

  • At Red State, Marjorie Dannenfelser notes that Planned Parenthood’s political ad was completely unpersuasive to Pennsylvania voters: In Pennsylvania’s 134th House district, they spent an eye-popping $100,000 on a TV ad campaign trying to sink the candidacy of Republican Ryan MacKenzie by linking him to ultrasound legislation that was before the legislature….

    That trial balloon popped when MacKenzie cruised to victory by an 18-point margin, 59 percent to 41 percent.


[Derzis photo via saynsumthn.wordpress.com]

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