Last weekend, Michelle Obama encouraged churches to be bold in taking a political stand. [She] told the congregation of the African Methodist Episcopal Church… “To anyone who says that church is no place to talk about these issues, you tell them there is no place better — no place better….

Because ultimately, these are not just political issues – they are moral issues. They’re issues that have to do with human dignity and human potential, and the future we want for our kids and our grandkids.”

I agree with her…. Too many preachers are afraid to speak up, not just because they fear their church might lose its tax-exempt status but because some church members will protest, “You shouldn’t mix politics and religion,” and threaten to leave….

If the world sees us as being too political we avoid taking a stand on anything that sounds even remotely political, though the country is falling apart around us….

We’re so threatened by the world that we wind up letting the culture set our agenda….

John the Baptist didn’t worry much about being labeled too political. He boldly declared, “Herod, it’s not right for you to live with your brother’s wife.” Jesus did not say, “John, you’re getting into politics and that’s not our territory. You worry about the sins of those walking out of the Jordan River. Let the world be the world.” On the contrary, Jesus said, “No greater man was born to woman than John the Baptist.”

… [W]e need ministers to reverse the current trend, to be strong and courageous and so convinced the battle is the Lord’s that they will fear no evil.

~ Pastor Bob Russell of Bob Russell Ministries, commenting on the Church’s role in society, July 8

[HT: Eric Metaxas; graphic via]

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