We hold that if Cardinal John O’Connor didn’t invite pro-abort Bill Clinton in 1996, and if Cardinal Egan didn’t invite pro-abort John Kerry in 2004, then on what grounds could your Eminence find to invite Obama in 2012, when he has proven handily and has worked arduously since 2009 to act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles; more especially in regard to his aggressive promotion of abortion, embryo stem-cell research, artificial contraception, and homosexual marriage in this country and throughout the world?

~ Partial text of the Petition to Stop the Al Smith Scandal, in which the bishop of the Archdiocese of New York, Timothy Cardinal Dolan, has invited President Barack Obama to the Al Smith Fundraising Dinner, in spite of the fact that the Archdiocese is currently involved in litigation against the HHS over the contraception mandate, via David L. Gray, August 2

Church Militant TV and Crisis Magazine also weigh in.

[HT: The Washington Times]

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