This morning I read three crazy pro-choice tweets in a row. #1 was by NARAL. Next up is #2, by Planned Parenthood:

The link led to this photo…

I seriously wonder, what goes through the mind of these people?

What it is like to be the daughter of a mother who supports abortion? Does it really bring comfort to hear, “I chose you”? Does she have any dead siblings? Is she okay with that?

And same for the granddaughter. Does she realize she may have a dead brother or sister? What is it like to be hugged by two women who would have killed her had she been conceived at an inconvenient time? To be smiling with two women who advocate aborting their own children and grandchildren as simply a “choice”?

And the audacity of Planned Parenthood, which would gladly have taken money to kill that beautiful little girl, which can only display this photo in the first place as an affront to its primary business, abortion.

The whole lot of them are whacked.

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