Huffington Post is out with an article this afternoon claiming that Live Action has attempted to infiltrate four abortion advocacy groups: EMILY’s List, NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and Priorities USA.

As it has done other times it realized it had been stung, Planned Parenthood is attemptiing to get ahead of the story by reporting it itself – after the fact.

In other words, if Live Action actually did conduct an undercover investigation, it already has the evidence.

According to HuffPo:

The woman called herself “Wendy Reed,” presented a business card with that name on it, and promised to make a “substantial donation” to each organization if they agreed to meet with her and answer her questions….

The woman asked each organization a similar pattern of questions having to do with President Barack Obama’s plans for abortion policy in his second term. She asked whether the groups expected him to repeal the long-standing Hyde Amendment, which prevents the use of federal funds to pay for abortions, and whether they or the president supports late-term abortions, or so-called partial birth abortions. She also inquired about the groups’ political strategies and pressed for information about how closely the groups worked with the Obama campaign.

All of the organizations said they immediately suspected that the woman was not a legitimate donor.

Really? More from HuffPo

None of the organizations are worried that the people with whom Wilmowski met on their donor teams said anything that could be used against them, but they did express concern that Live Action would heavily edit the videos before releasing them to the public as it has done in the past….

Jen Bluestein, communications director for EMILY’s List [said]…. “[T]hese people have proven again and again that the truth is not where their commitments lie. I fully expect they’ll try to turn everything that was said against our candidates and against our president, because reporting the truth and campaigning on their own agenda to roll back women’s access to health care would not be a winning approach.”

Yadda yadda. Live Action always releases the full, unedited videotapes. Lila Rose gave me a statement via email:

If these pro-abortion groups were as “on to us” as they claim, they should have filmed the encounters themselves. And if Planned Parenthood and their pro-abortion allies stand by everything they said, they should proudly release the tapes and educate the public.

I don’t think PP is prepared for such counter-espionage. It was proud of itself for setting up a second interview with “Wendy” to get her on tape but the security camera is too far away to get a view of her face…

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