Pro-life activist occupies Ohio early voting center

Pro-life activist Richard Justman became more and more disturbed to see only Democrats show up in force after a Columbus, Ohio, Early Voting Center opened for business near his home on October 2.

Finally, at 1 a.m. on Monday, October 22, Justman, unable to sleep, decided to do something about it, he says prompted by the Holy Spirit.

Justman awakened his son and the two drove Justman’s box truck and van and parked them right on the 100-ft yellow line marking the legal distance partisans could appeal to incoming voters, directly in front of the building.

Justman and family had been taking their vehicles and signs to African-American and mixed race mega-churches in the Columbus area for two months, so their vehicles were already decked out with pro-life, pro-Romney signage.

Wanting to make sure his vehicles weren’t vandalized, Justman slept in the van the rest of the night.

The next morning Democrats were livid to find Justman had taken not just one but several of their prime parking spots. Poll workers were livid that Justman’s van was obstructing their view and causing a safety hazard, they said.

Police were called. Justman called his attorney. And Justman won the day: He was breaking no law.

Since then Justman, pictured left, and his vehicles have maintained a 24/7 presence, and Justman plans to stay put until the evening of November 6.

I spoke with Justman by phone last night, curious as to how he manages the… um… functions of life. He said there are many stores and restaurants nearby where he can find relief, so to speak. He also has a family member take his place so he can go home and shower.

Here’s an NBC story on the scene. Justman has now been joined by Mark Harrington and his  Vote Pro-Life truth trucks…

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s home video

YouTube Preview Image

Here are a few photos of Mark’s nonpartisan trucks and signs. The pro-life throng was joined yesterday by pro-life leaders Troy Newman (left) and Pat Mahoney (2nd from left). Mark is in the black hoodie. Don’t know the names of the other pro-lifers. Click all photos to enlarge. See more here

[Top photo via The Daily Caller; 2nd photo via The Columbus Dispatch]

23 thoughts on “Pro-life activist occupies Ohio early voting center”

  1. Wow, very nice piece!!!!!
    Thank you and may GOD bless all your efforts for the advancent of HIS kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.
    Blessings always……..


  2. The folks who supported the whole “Occupy Wall Street” anarchy should have no problem with this.


  3. Hi Del,

    As well as the folks who brushed off the New Black Panthers in paramilitary outfits and  billy clubs standing outside a Philadelphia voting station.  

    Martin Luther King Jr. must have been rolling over in his grave. 


  4. If its a circus, Democrat lady, then why don’t you GO HOME? You being there adds to the chaos does it not? And I love how uncomfortable the dems are with the abortion signs. Hey lady, that blood and guts is part of YOUR PARTY’S PLATFORM. Own it!


  5. I loved this comment:
    “They bring God into everything.”
    More like, the Democrats kick God out of everything. Apparently, he wasn’t watching the DNC vote on the party platform.

    That last picture is awesome! If this happened at every precinct, there’s no way pro-abortion candidates would get elected.


  6. Good. Yeah. If you wanna pull that lever for more dead babies, you should have to look them in the disembodied eyeballs first.


  7. What a GREAT way to help promote righteousness in our country!  Thank you for your commitment to standing up for women and the unborn!!


  8. I’m sorry, Laura…how many armed terrorist group members should we allow to stand outside our polling places before we become concerned? I’ll be sure to hold my dismay until we reach your appointed target number.


  9. Hi Andrew, read your link.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the two people at the polling place in 2008.   It was calling those two “terrorists” that I took exception to.  Also, I wouldn’t call the guys in your link “terrorists” either.  Just criminals (if the article is accurate).


  10. I called them “terrorist group members”. They might not be terrorists themselves, but they belong to a terrorist group (see Andrew’s link).


  11. So if a member of the US Army goes on a killing spree, all military members are suddenly members of a murder group?


  12. Laura,

    Do you have a problem with reading comprehension?  Nowhere did I say anything about an epidemic. I’m certain your reaction would be entirely different if it had been 2 Klansmen. 


  13. Do any of the “pro-life activists” regularly showcased on this site have jobs, or any responsibilities at all for that matter? What kind of gainfully employed person can set aside a week to sit outside of a polling place and hold up signs? I wouldn’t be surprised if this clown is cashing “disability” checks or some other government handout while campaigning full time for the ticket that wants to erode what’s left of the social safety net that furnishes his dilettantism.


  14. Ah, Joan, your presence warms the cockles of my heart;
    and as Elvira once quipped, “nobody likes cold cockles!”

    Happy Halloween, abortion advocates!  At least you’ll get to wear your vagina costumes one more time!  


  15. From the Daily Caller: “Republican voter and retired union carpenter Richard Justman caused a stir Monday morning after he and a team of Republicans and independents showed up outside Franklin County, Ohio’s early-voting center with a van, a truck and several tables decked out in pro-Romney signs.”

    He’s retired, unlike the Occupy Wall Street people who are lazy, greedy, selfish bums. 


  16. Don’t tell me!  A retired carpenter?  The nerve of this man exercising his constitutional right to express his opinion!  Oh, sorry, our little trolls are all in favor of viewpoint discrimination, except of course when it comes to their viewpoints which we allow on our pro-life website.  Go figure!


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